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As of late, my social life has been picking up. On Friday evening, Hank, Jules, Rupert, Christine, and I went to down to Walnut Creek for a (free!) gelato tasting. Gelateria Naia is planning to roll out a couple of fall flavors and they invited people on their mailing list to reserve a spot at the tasting, exchanging their feedback for gratis gelato. By and large, the flavors were a let down. Butternut squash and sweet potato were inedible. Caramel apple, the most appealing new flavor under scrutiny, was delicious for the first two bites and became overly sweet with each successive bite such that I couldn't even finish it. Ultimately, I liked roasted banana and molasses best, but were I actually choosing from all the flavors available and paying for my gelato, I probably wouldn't select either over known and wonderful quantities like Nutella.

After gelato, Hank, Jules, and I went to Taiwan Restaurant for dinner. Perhaps it was because we didn't know what to order, but the meal was significantly less tasty than the one I had the previous weekend at Davin's birthday dinner. Thankfully, Jules, the pickiest of us three, liked it. Hank was still groggy from the Thursday night/Friday morning push at crunchyroll so he and Jules took off and I met up with Sugar at his friend's place for an aperitif. It was generally a pleasant evening with his buddies from the chemistry department, but somehow at certain moments it devolved into family memory sharing time. While I contributed to the discussions, I probably should have kept my mouth shut, like Sugar did. Sugar's current circle of friends mostly hail from happy families and my anecdotes of unhumorous family dysfunction clearly unnerved them.

Saturday was utter laziness, but Sunday was dedicated anniversary celebration day since Sugar had to work late on our actual anniversary on Thursday. We started the morning with brunch at the Thai Buddhist temple. I'm glad we chose to go to Thai brunch since as it may be one of our last. Apparently some of the neighbors living adjacent to the temple are working via lawsuit and local government to get the brunch shut down as they find it inconvenient. Sugar and I have long decided that when he graduates we are so moving away from Berkeley. We caught "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" later that afternoon and had a simple dinner of leftover pasta at home. Ok, so we weren't exactly "ballin'" but on our limited budget that was a helluva decadent day. 


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